The restaurant in Vittoria in Ragusa Sikelia

Only genuine products

The restaurant in Vittoria in Ragusa Sikelia opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner, depending on your needs. They also serve season fruit salads with locally produced yogurt, delicious, coloured and refreshing shakes for every taste which contain quality fresh fruit with all its properties. 

The kitchen staff uses only and exclusively season products grown in the local vegetable garden, the owners buy only what they cannot produce due to the type of soil. Carrots, potatoes and various tubers are bought from local organic farms. The organic system respects the natural process of the soil, without using any chemical agents that damage its qualities but, on the contrary, trying to improve its productivity. More and more farms are using this method for their products, respecting the environment and trying to promote the territory instead of exploiting it excessively. 

The only purchases made by Sikelia are the dairy products, sustainable meat, salt-cured horse threads, chicken and sausages (homemade), bresaola and ham and the drinks, with special attention to the ingredients and the story that characterizes them.

Healthy, fresh products without much seasoning, only olive oil and no butter or margarine. The products are bought and made with care, respecting the environment and the consumers. Offering good food is a pleasure for the chef who is the first to taste them with pleasure. Sharing the passion for the cuisine combined with the love for the local products and territory is another reason to work with such professionalism. 

Season menus with homegrown local products. The fish menus are prepared only upon order and only lean meats are used. 

Sikelia, the restaurant in Vittoria in Ragusa is a good way to discover how to respect the environment and the soil. This process results in abundant products if managed with respect and dedication.