Sikelia, pizzeria in Vittoria in Ragusa

Quality products and dough

Sikelia, a pizzeria in Vittoria in Ragusa, has chosen to offer only the best to its clients. Two types of pizza, made with two different flours, with two endangered species of wheat, Tumminia and Russello. 

The flours made with old types of wheat is a way to preserve the genuineness that has disappeared due to the excessive industrialization process. These two flours, made with old types of wheat, do not need any adulteration like the most commonly used flours and even if you eat a large amount of pizza you will not feel heavy, as it happens with the industrial flours.

The clients of the pizzeria in Vittoria in Ragusa Sikelia may choose the ingredients they prefer and have their pizzas done as they like. The choice is among the many season ingredients shown in the window.

The pizzas are therefore always special and customized according to the clients’ taste. The cooking time is always perfect. Since the focus is on clients and the goal is to offer them the best, Sikelia is the ideal place to taste a pizza with your family or friends.

Cheeses, cured meats and tubers are provided by local farms and are not directly grown by the restaurant’s owners, but the selection is always accurate, in order to guarantee top quality ingredients. The farms chosen by Sikelia’s owners are trusted and genuine and respect the environment.