Not only art exhibitions in Vittoria di Ragusa

A place to organize many types of events

Sikelia’s staff has soon started to organize art exhibitions in its spaces. Every month a local artist shows his artworks, from paintings to photos and recycled items. Many other events are organized to satisfy the clients’ needs, just contact the owners and choose the most suitable date with them. The restaurant’s rooms are especially suitable for events, because the restaurant is not far from the Teatro Comunale and is often full of artists and culture lovers who love good food and are happy to spend time together in the most pleasing way.

Every week events with good live music are organized at Sikelia during the winter. Regional groups play their own music and covers of famous bands. The music includes many genres, from pop to jazz, to reggae music and all events are advertised through their social networks.

Pleasing nights with excellent food and drinks and some nice music in the background. If you choose Sikelia for your event, you will be sure to have genuine products, creative chefs who prepare amazing dishes for you. The dishes may be chosen together with the event organizers for a special theme night.

Sikelia’s owners offer the chance to artists and art lovers to organize art exhibitions in Vittoria di Ragusa and are convinced that the cuisine itself is a form of art, in which creativity is the most important ingredient in the dishes they prepare for every special occasion. The creative combination of dishes and artworks is expressed through the conviviality of those who appreciate their quality.