Sicilian deli shop Vittoria Ragusa

About us

The restaurant Sikelia is a Sicilian deli shop in Vittoria Ragusa and was founded by two brothers. The chefs Tania and Angelo, after working in the best restaurants, especially in Switzerland and France, decided to apply the experience they had gained abroad to their homeland. Their mum was a chef and their dad an employee: the cuisine was a common feature in their family. Tania and Angelo have been working in the cooking world for more than ten years combining passion and experience.

The choice of establishing Sikelia was made one year and a half ago, when Angelo, after coming back to Vittoria from France, decided to use one of his plots of land to grow some officinal herbs and vegetables. The abundant production he reached, thanks to the hard work applied to Tania and Angelo’s father’s land, enabled them to start some partnerships with local restaurants which bought their products because they were top quality and had a good price. At one point Angelo realized he could become an independent producer/restaurant owner with the produce he grew, therefore he decided to open a restaurant where he could show the experience he had gained after working ten years in the best restaurants in Europe. 

The choice to open a Sicilian deli shop in Vittoria in Ragusa with local products was very spontaneous and natural and became quickly succesful. 

The furniture of the restaurant follows his first rule, simplicity. There is a nice corner counter where you may take a look at the delicacies and products used in the kitchen, like oil, preserves, chocolate and much more. All the products are rigorously local and if possible organic and organically grown. The restaurant is made of recycled items and was architecturally designed to have a low environmental impact. It is totally environmentally friendly. Sikelia seats 40 people, 20 indoors and 20 outdoors. 

Sikelia is sustainable: no plastic is used. Dishes and glasses are made of glass or ceramic, napkins and table sets of recycled paper. Glass is reused to invent new furniture items or recycled. The food is never wasted because they try to cook everything upon order: they use many vegetables and the cooking time is not long. The food waste is used for the farm’s animals. The choice to avoid many types of meat in the menu is a way to reduce the energy impact. The refrigerating rooms and blast chillers to preserve meat and fish have a high impact on the kitchen management and above all on the electricity bill.The restaurant lies in the centre of Vittoria, in Piazza del Popolo, close to the Teatro Comunale. Its rooms are often used to organize music events, art and photo exhibitions. The staff is available for catering services and home buffets.

Attention to the clients, good food and local ingredients are the crucial features of a restaurant where every day you may find friendliness and professional services.