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Take a look at the various services offered by Sikelia, the family-run restaurant pizzeria in Vittoria in Ragusa. Friendliness and local products create excellent results. The restaurant’s staff uses only local ingredients in a family-like environment where haute cuisine is combined with cheerfulness and cordiality.

We offer deli products to take away. We accept reservations in our restaurant for kids and adults with our professional waiting service, also in the open-air area. The restaurant offers its spaces to organize many events.

The contacts page, where you may find the phone numbers and email address, and the dedicated form to fill out, provide further customized info for every need.


Sikelia Gastronomia Artigianale in Vittoria

Two brothers decided to open this restaurant after many years of experience abroad. The opportunity to have their own land to grow vegetables and fruits was a further reason to open this restaurant where they could cook delicious and local dishes. 

Every day clients are offered quality products at a cheap price, directly from farmers to the consumers. Dishes cooked upon order, homemade pasta and excellent desserts help Sikelia’s customers have an experience in which quality meets with the culinary art to satisfy the most demanding palates.

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Not just a restaurant, but also much more


Sikelia wants to become more than just a restaurant pizzeria in Vittoria in Ragusa. It is a place where the values of the family, of its origins and traditions are thoroughly respected. 

A place in which experience is combined with manual skills and art, recycle and reuse is mixed with creativity and the best local products. A place where the traditional products and recipes are combined with quality, the taste is enhanced and the hard work gratifies those who make it every day. A pleasing place where you may have breakfast, lunch or dinner. A restaurant next to the Teatro Comunale, often full of artists and art lovers who appreciate good dishes and the creativity they are cooked with.

A unique place with all these features, which offers the best to its demanding customers, who appreciate the good and professional cuisine.


Passion for the traditional dough

Passion for the traditional dough. The pizza prepared in this restaurant is made with very nutritional dough. Ancient types of wheat are ground to have the flours: they are different from the ones sold today because they have a different taste and are healthier. The pizza’s top quality is the result of excellent dough and good preparation.

Unfortunately the most commonly used wheat is often adulterated and causes the most popular food intolerances. With their dough the chefs respect the traditions and make customers enjoy their best elements. You may taste a good pizza avoiding the typical inconveniences you may have to face with the most common pizzas.


Takeaway deli products

Pietanze a portar via


Sikelia was founded as a Sicilian deli shop and later became a restaurant pizzeria in Vittoria in Ragusa. A place where you find many cold or hot dishes to take away. A place where you may order the restaurant’s traditional dishes from home and taste them without going out, thanks to the home delivery service. 

The restaurant offers the opportunity to taste good dishes prepared with great care where you prefer, including a wide range of desserts. This complete service satisfies the clients’ needs also with its takeaway deli products. 

Delicious and freshly prepared food upon order. The owners offer also a delicious buffet and catering service for every occasion. Just fill out the contacts form to receive more info.


The perfect place to organize your events


The restaurant Sikelia is close to the Teatro Comunale in Vittoria and its position makes it the perfect place to organize your events. 

It has often hosted art exhibitions and many events and is often full of artists and art lovers who like good food. Music nights with emerging groups and theme buffets are often organized in the restaurant.

The combination of art, music and good food is a pleasure shared by the owners of the restaurant who offer their creativity to make every event pleasing and tasty. You may contact the staff through the contacts page or contacting the phone numbers or personal email addresses to organize your event in the restaurant.

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